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Courier service bicycle repair

If your company is engaged in courier deliveries on bicycles, then an integrated approach to equipment repair is a profitable solution.

A bicycle, like any vehicle, requires careful care and timely maintenance. In order for the bike to last longer and not let down at the most inopportune moment, it is necessary to carry out full maintenance at least 2 times a year.

We have been engaged in the repair and maintenance of bicycles for 10 years and have gained a wealth of experience over the years. Experienced bike mechanics carry out repairs and upgrades of bicycles of any complexity.


What do we offer:

  • Borrow bicycles from your park.
  • Repair both in our workshops and the departure of a mechanic to the base of your bicycles.
  • Discounts up to 15% on spare parts that are needed during the repair.
  • During the repair we can provide a replacement fund (our rental bicycles)
  • Service discounts based on volume.
  • If necessary, organize logistics (delivery of bicycles for repairs and back).

We work on cash and non-cash payment systemsWe conclude a contract, where we stipulate which services and in what volume are agreed

For advice on repairing bicycles of courier services
 +38 (050) 388-27-00 or  [email protected]